3D Tours

Here at Design Office we have the unique capability to create a cost effective, state of the art 3D Showcase location experiences.

Our 3D Immersive Experiences create a virtual location using real images to provide a fabulous online 3D Showcase for your customers, clients or visitors to explore online on both mobile and desktop devices.

How Does It Work?

Our image technology, combined with a rather large dose of sophisticated software and technical expertise build virtual experiences from reality. These are not videos or 360 panoramic images with clickable links. These are high quality, smooth and fast 3D experiences that enable anybody to step inside your location and explore at their leisure without ever leaving home. The 3D Showcase is also fully compatible for viewing with a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset.

Who Is It For?

Our 3D Showcases are used across many industries, from concerts to conferences, events to education, shops to showrooms, hotels to houses and everything in between such as;

House & Holiday homes, Commercial & Industrial Property, Exhibitions & Event Centres, Wedding Venues, Hotels, Retail & Shopping Centres, Museums & Galleries, Offices & Meeting Spaces, Restaurants & Bars, Transportation, Showrooms, Healthcare, Religion and Community buildings.

Every one of our 3D Experiences also provide the ability to highlight accessibility for wheelchair and restricted mobility visitors to ensure they can navigate a physical location with ease.

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Swanley Bridge Marina

Barnton Community Primary School & Nursery

Narrowboat Tour