Design Office build custom game for Gateway Electronic Components

Here at Design Office we are getting used to the “odd requests”. Recently we were approached by Gateway Electric Components who needed there custom exhibition show game wrapping with some creative graphics.

We immediately got to work, gathering exact measurements and setting the artwork ready for print. Once we had the file sorted we printed them onto a specially designed vinyl that has a greater tack onto the MDF material, to ensure a longer life for the game itself.

The next day the exhibition game was dropped off at our office and Josh, our sign fitter, got to work, placing and applying the graphics, bringing the wooden boxes to life.

That evening Gateway Electronic Components picked up the stand and were extremely impressed with how it had turned out and couldn’t wait to use it at there exhibition the next day!

To find out how the stand went down with the visitors read the full article on Gateway Electronic Components website here

Here is a quick video of the game in action!