Turnkey Instruments Ltd., one of our valued customers, is a leading manufacturer of quality industrial and scientific instrumentation ranging from heavy vehicle brake testers to air quality monitoring equipment. However, what makes them unique in their industry is the fact that not only do they manufacture these products, they also design and develop them, meaning that they understand each and every product entirely and the service and calibration support they offer is second to none.

Design Office have developed and maintained a strong partnership with Turnkey over the past 8 years and we have completed a variety of design projects for them – you may have even seen the impressive exterior sign we produced for Turnkey recently, featured in one of our previous blog posts (https://designoffice.co.uk/design-office-create-manufacture-fit-prestigious-exterior-sign-turnkey-instruments/) – the latest being two vibrant pop-up stands to be taken to Pollutec International Exhibition of Environmental Solutions in Brazil.

This has been an exciting project for Design Office because not only have we been responsible for designing and producing the graphics for the stand, but we have been involved in every stage of the process from start to finish, including the initial meeting to discuss the design and look of the exhibition, the photography for the graphics, the copywriting for the graphics, the actual design of the graphics and then finally the manufacture of the final stands.

Stage One – Design Brief

Turnkey approached Design Office to talk about Pollutec, the 4-day event that they will attending that focuses on the growing need in the industrial and public markets for prevention & treatment of pollution, resource optimisation and sustainable development. Providing a high profile platform, with over 100 national and international companies demonstrating solutions & innovations in all areas of environmental and sanitation work, Turnkey wanted to take this opportunity to promote some of their products, both existing and upcoming, and looked to Design Office to help them produce two innovative exhibitions stands that would be sure to do this in the best way possible.

While Turnkey had a list of products that they specifically wanted to promote on the stands, they trusted the team here at Design Office and handed over the project to us, giving us full creative freedom on not just the actual graphic design, but the photography and the copywriting too.

Stage Two – Photography

Around a week after the initial meeting our Photographer, Michael, took a trip to the Turnkey Instruments Ltd. premises, where our clients had collated and prepared all of their existing products to be photographed, and completed a full day of photography. Using our specialised lighting equipment and backdrops Michael was able to get a range of creative shots of each of the products, liaising with our client whilst on site to ensure that we had all of the pictures that Turnkey would like to see on their stands.

Once back at Design Office, Michael then uploaded all of the photographs onto one of our Macs and carefully reflected on the collection of images, filtering out the strongest ones that he felt would be best to use within the final graphics. From there some subtle photo manipulation was completed to ensure that the photographs looked as vibrant and sharp as they could possible look, before finally being cut out ready to be placed onto the graphics for the stand.

Stage Three – Graphic Design

Turnkey requested two stands because they wanted to split up the products that they plan to showcase into two groups; their main products that provide environmental monitoring solutions and their upcoming products that are still in development. However, despite the two stands having different content and key messages, Design Office ensured that the brand remained consistent.

Taking the core elements from Turnkey’s logo, an aptly designed hexagon shape featuring a shape that combines the letters ‘T’ and ‘K’ and the word ‘Turnkey’ in black, on a yellow background, Michael, who is also one of our Graphic Designers, created two designs that incorporated the brand perfectly, creating no fragmentation within the identity. The hexagon shape was creatively used to display the images related to each product while the striking black and yellow colour scheme was used, creating a clean but bold graphic to showcase on the Turnkey stand.

Stage Four – Copywriting

Not only did Michael work on the design and photography elements of the graphics for the stand, he also created the words. Using some basic information provided by the client, Michael used his creativity to expand on the copy and create some short, engaging paragraphs for each product promoted on the stands.

Stage Five – Manufacture

After all of the design and content stages of the process had been completed, the only thing left to do was to actually produce the two stands. The final 3m x 4m Pop-Up Stands were ready for delivery after just 5 working days, each one complete with 6 x magnetic panels with the graphics printed on, a carry case on wheels with it’s own branded graphics wrapped around, 2 x spotlights ready to clip on to the top of the stand and a folding table top.


From the day that Turnkey visited Design Office to the day that they came back to pick up the two carry cases the whole process, including obtaining a design brief, completing the photography, designing the graphics, adding the copywriting and producing the final products, took a mere three weeks – just 15 working days!

Here at Design Office we pride ourselves in working efficiently to tight deadlines and still producing top quality, highly creative work. If you’re exhibiting soon why not arrange an appointment with Design Office for a marketing consultation? We can sit with you, talk through the purpose of the exhibition and your personal aims and objectives, discuss the wide variety of exhibition and display products that we can produce and decide what we can do for you and your event, all at quick speeds and competitive prices! To arrange you appointment call 01270 252106 or send an email to marketing@designoffice.co.uk now!