Here at Design Office we have always considered it important to work with local businesses and make our contribution to growing and strengthening the local community. As you may well know by now we spend a lot of time working on projects for schools and very often try to involve groups of the students where possible, which we believe is a positive experience for our community. However, we don’t stop with the education sector; we also try to extend that same experience into other industries and businesses in and around the Cheshire area.

Focusing very close to home this week, one of our most recent projects has been the result of a mutual business venture with Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies, a very local business that is actually situated just a few doors away from Design Office!

The two companies have maintained a relationship for a number of years and Design Office have worked on a range of projects for Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies from their stationery to their website. Most recently, Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies approached Design Office to discuss the design of a van. While we had previously designed their website and were obviously aware of their brand, they were looking for a fresher, modern and more eye-catching design to apply to the van and asked Design Office to inject something new into the existing brand to refresh the identity.

Large Van Artwork

While the brand has a classic black, white and silver colour palette, with a modern, sand serif font, the design team here at Design Office felt that the van design would benefit from some colour, so a vibrant lime green was subtly introduced to create some sharp designs that would be guaranteed to attract attention.

Small Van Artwork

Our client loved the new design and after a discussion with the team here at Design Office, decided to carry the refreshing style across onto the website. While the content was to remain the same, we wanted to help Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies drive more traffic to their website and we felt the best way to do this was to create a new website that would be compliant with the latest Google algorithm with the inclusion of a cookie policy, a site search box and mobile compliancy. On the back of this, after delving into the Google analytics on the existing site, we felt that a mobile-friendly site would drive more traffic to the website from the increasing number of users that browse the web on their mobile devices.

As a result of the conversation our design team put together some fantastic new visuals for a new website, taking a similar format to the existing one but updating the style to both fall in line with the latest Google compliancies as well as the refreshed identity used on the van.


Once the design was solidified the content from the old website was then transferred into the new one, ready for approval.

For a mutual business venture it must sound very one-sided up until now, but just last week our MD actually decided to have his en-suite re-modelled and chose Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies to complete the work.

Bathroom Before

The original brief given to our client, Steven Nevitt, included the following requirements; a larger shower area, storage and modernisation. Due to the shape of the space our MD, Kev Edge, gave Steven free reign in terms of design, providing Steven and his team with the creative freedom to meet the requirements of the brief whilst using the space in the best way possible. The first iteration of CAD designs were produced which included visuals to meet the brief requirements, but upon discussion it was decided that the bath should be removed and the shower area should be made into a wet room floor. Kev then took a trip to Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies and chose some specific products that he wanted to see in the updated CAD designs and the second iteration of visuals were created.

First Stage Drawings

These visuals were exactly what Kev was looking for and so the work began and the en-suite was re-modelled to mirror the visuals, with the added finishing touch of under-floor heating to add extra warmth and give a luxurious feel to the space.

Second Stage Drawings

While we have supported Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies in terms of design and are grateful for the work that they have provided for us over the years we also wanted to give something back to their business and support them in their industry. Here at Design Office we are aware that the majority of the clients we gain and the work we produce is the result of a referral or local word-of-mouth, which is why we deem it to be so important to build relationships with neighbouring companies and put ourselves out in the community as much as possible. We also believe that this is a similar case for Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies which is why, secondary to the high quality work that we know they produce, Kev chose them to complete the work on his en-suite. Kev is extremely happy with his en-suite and will no doubt be recommending Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Supplies in the future!

Bathroom After

Here at Design Office we are always looking to strengthen our relationships with existing clients as well as develop relationships with new businesses, so if you’re a company, old or new, and you think that we could embark on some mutual business with you, why not set up a no obligation consultation with a member of our team today! To arrange your appointment call 01270 252106 or send an email to