“Kevin and Stephanie from Design Office have been a great inspiration in helping us with our marketing project, the final products and workmanship have been of a very high standard, they kept us well informed throughout the process. Many Thanks!” – Paul Lucas, Business Development Manager

For the past few weeks the team here at Design Office have been developing a new business relationship and creating a fantastic new marketing campaign for a highly established, local business – Butters John Bee.

Associates of Butters John Bee originally approached Design Office early this year to discuss a design that they wanted to have printed on the back of car parking tickets in Telford. Design Office were more than happy to accommodate Butters John Bee with this design project and created a simple but effective ticket design with the company’s key selling message and offer available to all holders of the tickets.

The design was a success and we soon worked together on another project that involved creating a Dalmatian themed mailing card for all 17 branches, showcasing the awards that Butters John Bee had just won, ‘knocking the spots off their competition’.

The relationship between Design Office and Butters John Bee has continued to flourish from then on and most recently the design and signage team have been working closely with various members of the Butters John Bee team to roll out a fabulous new bee themed marketing campaign, directed at Landlords.

Butters John Bee approached the design team with a new brief for a campaign that they wanted to specifically aim at Landlords. Butters John Bee were open minded with the creative side of the brief and simply wanted something eye catching to Landlords – beyond that they were happy for Design Office to take the reigns!

The talented creative team here at Design Office considered what theme would work well with the brand whilst being different enough to stand out as a new campaign and it was concluded that a bee theme would be the perfect solution – an animal that is often thought of when we see the Butters John Bee brand because of the name and, of course, the colours. Beyond this it is becoming more and more common that people are feeding bees that appear to be dying in a bid to save the species and subsequently a great deal of crops and livestock. As this is such a highly prioritised topic by many people at the moment, the bee theme seemed the perfect choice to create a relatable graphic for the wider community.

When our Creative Designer began working on the graphics she knew that they were going to be used as window graphics. However, beyond that she didn’t have any sizes for the windows or know what branches they were going to be used in and therefore couldn’t visualise the window displays already used by Butters John Bee. Therefore the graphics were developed in a specific way that would make the adaptable across all windows.

Illustrative bees were created as the main feature of the theme, while lots of hexagons were fitted together to form a honeycomb pattern. This pattern was specifically built from lots of hexagons to allow the shape of the graphics to morph into any shape needed, depending on the use of them.

The strapline was then created – ‘Landlords, join the bjb hive and let us do the hard work’ – to underpin the visuals. This was also created as a separate graphic that could be used at any size or position on any piece of artwork.

Once the creative design had been finalised, the elements were sized and positioned to fit the ‘Lettings’ window at the Crewe branch, just a few doors away from Design Office! A visual was created using the graphics and an image of the window to show our client what the final product would look like, before the approved graphics were printed on our Seiko Large Format Printing Press onto Clear Vinyl, and backed with White Gloss Lamination.

The top half of the graphics that were designed, printed and fit for Butters John Bee in Crewe

The introduction of the campaign to the Crewe branch was very successful and soon after Design Office began working on a new variation for the branch in Nantwich. This window was slightly different because of the position of the window cards already displayed, but the nature of the graphics allowed our design team to create a new arrangement that was large enough to promote the campaign whilst perfectly framing the cards in the window.

The campaign is now continuing to expand, as well as the theme itself, and Design Office are looking to create an fantastic new graphic with the introducing of a bee hive for the windows of the Butters John Bee branch in Cannock.

Not only are the bees taking the Butters John Bee windows by storm, they will also soon be appearing on some fantastic new folders that are being manufactured right this second! The fabulous folders will feature a simple black outer cover and yellow inner cover with a 7mm capacity pocket to hold various documents. The inside of the folder features the yellow hexagons, encasing Butters John Bee’s awards and services, while the outer cover features their contact details and will be finished with a spot UV varnish outlining the bee hive pattern, and a matt lamination for extra contrast.

Here at Design Office, not only do we have the creative team to conceptualise a marketing campaign and design the visuals, we have the production team to manufacture a range of marketing materials including window graphics, printed marketing collateral, vehicle graphics, websites and much, much more! If you’re thinking of investing in a marketing campaign for your business, why not arrange your no obligation marketing consultation with a member of the Design Office team now? It’s free! Just call 01270 252106 or send an email to marketing@designoffice.co.uk to discuss your marketing today!