Why your business needs social media to be successful in 2019

From what was once something optional, social media has now become an absolute necessity for any business looking to succeed in 2019 and into the foreseeable future.

The power of social media cannot be ignored an it is imperative that all businesses look to optimise all social media channels in order to WIN. With the value of social media advertisements being drastically undervalued now is the time to seize the moment before every big brand starts to fight for control over social media dominance forcing the cost for advertisements up.

According to a study by The CMO Survey, the marketing budget spent by brands on social media is expected to double (from 11% to 24%) in the next five years. Also, as per records by Statistica, 95% young adults follow a brand via social media networking and the count of social media users at the end of 2018 will be 2.5 billion.

But even such highly convincing stats have not been able to convince the remaining ones about benefits of social networking sites and join the bandwagon. Here are 6 reasons why your business needs strong social media presence these days

Search Engine Visibility:

Every business wants to increase traffic and user engagement but will it be possible if your prospects are not able to find you over the internet? Social media profiles help you dominate first search result page in a more natural way, which further increases profits. Consider the fact that millennial’s spent large amount of time on social platforms, and their value will increase further.

Company Voice:

Whether you are new to the industry or have been a part of it for many years, a positive word-of-mouth will always help you gain customers. Social media marketing help business owners keep their clients updated about new launches, company policies and also team activities.

Online social networking gives you a chance to build narration to capture your customers’ interest. Each Facebook post and tweet can share company values, ethics, and much more. But don’t flood your followers with N number of updates every day. Make sure that everything is relevant.

Trust-building Channels:

Social media presence has become vital to earn customers’ trust. You can survive without a physical store but not having a social presence will be scorned at. Be it online stores or startups, this is true for all online businesses. If you don’t have an active presence on social media channels, then, you are missing out on brand critical profiles.

Competitive Advantage:

Do you think your competitors also don’t care about social media presence? You may be wrong. There are high chances that they are investing their time and money into building a positive online social presence to gain business.

Not having a social media presence will derive you of all its benefits and they will be automatically passed on to your competitor. So, take a good look around and see what they have been doing.

Sales & Business Leads

Social media is immensely useful in generating leads. With modern social channels like Pinterest and YouTube that allow direct purchases, social media has become even more powerful. Instagram, too, launched a call to action button that helps its audience to shop and install applications.

Social media is evolving very fast and it will very soon drive sales in a big way. And if you will not be there when it happens, well, you will the losing party.

Marketing Channels:

Driving sales is seen as one of the biggest merits of social networking sites. All the social media channels have well-defined marketing machinery in place to help brands connect with their target audience. Facebook’s Sponsored Posts and Twitter’s Marketing Campaigns are two of the most popular ways to market your products and services.

Every social media channel has unique marketing channels. Though you don’t necessarily need to have a social media presence to use these channels, having the same will multiply the gains. Global brands link their marketing campaigns with their social profiles to increase likes and followers.

The power of social media is huge, and it can open the doors of success for your business when used in the right manner. Benefits generated by social media channels are measurable and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using them.


Everything said, make sure you choose the right social channels and step in with a detailed strategy. Just posting images and status updates will not help your business. The right combination of informative and promotional posts is required to generate the desired results. Furthermore, generating leads from social media advertising is an entirely different ballgame that requires experience and insights.

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