Design Office – Pushing Exhibition Boundaries!

Who are Sercon?

Sercon, the staple isotope company, are dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers and their associated sample preparation systems.

Backed by a wealth of experience in Isotope Ratio Instrumentation, we provide a full range of services specific to isotope ratio scientists and their applications.

Sercon are also in partnership with Design Office, and our team have collectively worked on a variety of marketing solutions, including brochures, business cards and, most recently, an exhibition stand.

The Concept

Sercon will be exhibiting in the second week of December in America and as such needed graphics for a 3m x 3m hop-up stand frame that they have from previous exhibitions.

Our client, Dr. Helen Atkinson, has completed an expedition in Antarctica and wanted to use this location as the foundations of the theme that would be used by our creative team here at Design Office to create the final design. Therefore, the starting point became a selection of beautifully unique photographs that were taken during her time there.

The photographs included a range of antarctic animals including seals and King Emperor Penguins, as well as some stunning landscape shots. However, while all of the images were fantastic in their own right, one that particularly stood out to us was a photograph of penguins that appeared to be stood in a line. Straight away our team could envision using this image as the main, background image, manipulated to include Sercon’s new machine that they are primarily selling at their exhibition. Unfortunately these images were not big enough quality to print at the size we needed it to be, but our creatives and our client were settled on the idea of using an image that featured penguins, so a new image was found from a stock image site and used in the main design.

The Finishing Touches

A beautiful image was used of a group of four striking, black, orange and white King Emperor Penguins stood on a crisp, snow covered plain with a bright blue background, manipulated to include a sharp image of the new Integra 2 machine. While this image was to be used as the main feature of the graphics and covered the three centre graphic panels that were to cover the front of the stand, two additional panels needed to be designed to frame the image on either ending to wrap from the front to the back of the stand to create a curved finish. As this curved round, our creatives decided to use this space to advertise the company’s social media profiles, a large web address and their accreditation logo. The top and bottom of the design was finally framed with a ‘Sercon blue’ strip.

The stand also featured the company’s logo with a new strapline of ‘collaborate, innovate, create’ and was finished with the simple headline of ‘pushing instrumentation boundaries’, perfectly tying in the use of an antarctic themed image with the machine that the company hope to sell at the exhibition.

Marketing Collateral

To accompany the stand our creative team also made amends to two brochures previously designed by ourselves and created a new style of business card, for both Helen and the Sales Team.

Once signed off, the final artwork went to our print and finishing team, who printed the brochures and business cards, before applying a Matt Lamination and a Spot UV Varnish to one of the brochures and the business cards – both of which will be handed out at the exhibition – to create a luxurious and bespoke finish to the items.

A4, four page brochure, one third A4, six page brochure and double sided business cards with spot UV varnish and matt lamination for Sercon

In just a couple of weeks the team here at Design Office were able to not only create new graphics, for the stand, but also print the graphics and amend and print both of the brochures and the business cards, complete with lamination and Spot UV. If you’re looking for an exhibition stand or marketing collateral why not consider Design Office? Call 01270 252106 or send an email to now!