Design Office Steps into the Future of Marketing with Interactive Touchscreens!

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog post about large scale projects the Design Office team has worked on recently. Now we have had time to recover, this week’s post is going to focus on one of our biggest projects to date – the Turnkey Exhibition Stand for Hillhead 2016.

Turnkey Instruments Ltd. are the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of quality industrial and scientific instrumentation, ranging from heavy vehicle brake testers to air quality monitoring equipment. They are also a highly valued and long-standing client of Design Office.

As you may have seen if you follow our blog, the Design Office have worked on an array of projects, from designing their logo and data sheets to producing their products photography, printing and fitting their vehicle livery, manufacturing their signage and even producing hop-up stands for smaller exhibitions. However, we have never worked on something on this scale.

Whilst it was a really exciting opportunity to Design Office and an impressive outcome that we were extremely proud of when complete, it was also a challenging project due to the complicated specification.

The final product was a 10m x 4m Gantry Stand, fully powder coated black to match Turnkey’s brand and finished with stunning full colour graphics printed onto banner material and supplied with bungees to fill each panel of the frame. To fill the space, individual, lockable pods were provided with black table tops and custom made foamex panels with branded graphics printed and applied to the face of them. The bespoke shape of the stand even allowed for a partial wall, creating a main space on the stand and a smaller space to allow our clients to sit with potential customers in a quieter area.

What’s more, as a last minute addition Turnkey decided to have two PCAP Touch Screens on their stand that would allow their customer to browse through their products if there wasn’t a member of staff available to talk them through what they have to offer. Like the other elements of the stand these screens were provided by Design Office.

At a recent exhibition, Sign & Digital UK, that our signage and marketing team attending in search for potential equipment and products to invest in over the coming year, we noticed that digital screens, interactive touch screens and video are all becoming prominent in the design industry, largely due to technological and social advances. From there we became inspired to push into a more digital sector and we felt that the exhibition stand for Turnkey was the perfect opportunity to introduce this to our ever-growing list of services.

The screens we provided were 32” PCAP Touch Screens, complete with dual Android and PC operating systems, as well as a Windows 10 license bolted on. Each screen came with a bespoke, free-standing floor display stand specifically designed for exhibitions and public spaces. Furthermore, the talented creative team took the data sheets that we have previously created for our client and created an interactive document that could be loaded and played on the screens even without internet access.

The interactive document contained a home page with app style icons to represent each product on offer, with a personalised date sheet behind each product image. To add an extra element of interactivity our designers also added QR codes to the bottom of each page that would allow users of the screens to scan the bar code on their phone and be directed to Turnkey’s YouTube channel and individual product videos – something that they could even take away with them once they had left the stand!

As with all interactive and digital products, a demonstration is much more effective than a description, so watch our short video below of our designers experimenting on the finished product before it left the office!

Although we used these screens for the first time on an exhibition stand we believe that their design and purpose has longevity and will assist you is a wide variety of marketing or advertising strategies within your business. The diversity of these screens makes them the perfect product; whether you want to display your latest offer or price list in your shop, or you want to sell your products or services at an exhibition they are guaranteed to help your business stand out from the crowd. Want to know more? Here at Design Office we can organise a demonstration on one of our screens today, so why not send an email to or call 01270 252106 to arrange your no obligation consultation!