Design Office head to Northern Business Exhibition

We are going – Are you?

Design Office will be exhibiting at the Northern Business Exhibition on the 18th and 19th of April, 2018 so why not come down and say hello! The Northern Business Exhibition is a big B2B event in Manchester, with over 6000 visitors every year! This is the biggest business show in the North of England! Entrance is free!

Why you should participate in exhibitions

Every year the number of companies participating in exhibitions is increasing. It is getting more popular to show off your business in social events. Question: β€œis it worth it?”. After the event participators usually realize that the price they paid is totally worth it for the new customers they gained. Being a part of public event is also an opportunity to increase your brand awareness, spread your message and introduce new products to the market. Besides that, exhibitions are the right place for companies to look for new partners, clients, competitors, contacts, friends and pretty much everything that helps your business to grow.

What makes exhibitions successful

If you want to leave the exhibition like a winner, you have to start preparing for it as early as possible. Good preparation makes exhibitions successful. Firstly, you have to make sure that the chosen event visitors are interested in your product market, otherwise, you will probably leave without new clients. Social events are a good place not only for companies, but also for customers, because they can meet and communicate with team members in person. This means, that the better the team is trained, the bigger the chance to get more clients. It is very important to have a well-trained and motivated team which will be able to spread your message in the right way. Good communication is a key for increasing the amount of customers. You must not forget that today people are getting an excess of information and it gets more and more difficult to capture their attention.

Another important thing is how you will present your company visually. You should think about how to make your stand attractive and unique. If the client is not familiar with your brand, your exhibition stands first impression is vital to make him/her stop and increase the chances of them becoming a new client.

Do not forget to take product samples, business cards and your companies brochures/flyers! Also, make sure that you have something to give away for the visitors, like pens or notepads. Giveaways make people remember you.

One more feature you should consider in order to make your exhibition successful is a game or something that will engage passers by and allow you the chance to create a conversation with potential customers. Examples of some games/engagement features that you could use are; a photo booth, a magician, virtual reality or a fairground style game, just make sure your engagement feature suits your target audience.

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