South Cheshire Chamber Business Awards 2017

Design Office were recently awarded the contract to deliver the Marketing Collateral for the prestigious annual South Cheshire Chamber Business Awards 2017. After an initial creative consultation it was agreed to create a new identity for the event as part of the process of raising the profile and attracting a wider audience.

Creative Brief

The Design Office creative team got together to create initial visuals/concepts/headlines and presented these for discussion. The client bought into the creative ideas and subsequently asked the team to create a whole suite of items including; design and build of a new web site, creation of the 28pp awards Brochure, design and foil of the awards Certificates, Table Plans, Name Cards, Table Cards, sponsors and winner Boards.

Uniquely all of the above items would be created in Crewe by the Design Office team assuring the client of consistent of designs/colours and quality across all items, not to mention complete control of all deadlines and any last minute requests!!

WordPress Web Site

The Awards Web Site was designed and built in WordPress by the team and launched onto the companies hosting platform prior to the event. Training of the South Cheshire Chamber team was also delivered at Design Office. Once the training had been completed the Chamber team could update the Web Site in house.

Brochure Printing

The Awards Brochure was approved for printing on Tuesday, allowing for litho plates to be made ready for the press to commence printing on Wednesday morning. The print of the 28 page Brochure was completed by the end of the day. Thursday morning saw the team Guillotining, Booklet Making, Quality Checking and Packing the Brochures. Next on the production list was the awards Certificates. These were to be printed with the winners details, gold foiled, trimmed and packed, again these were produced in house via our extensive range of modern printing and finishing machinery.

Thursday saw the team printing the large Table Plans on the Large Format press, the name cards on the digital press. By close of the play the client had arrived to collect all the items ready for the event on Friday!

Design Office USP

To have the skills to conceive the campaign, create, design, build, print, foil, finish in one place is truly unique, to get all of this plus guarantees on delivering and a great price, well you make your own mind up…

For more information please contact the team at Design Office on 01270 252106