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Design Office can offer expert help and advice in setting up a Google AdWords account, from our Account Managers who are all Google Qualified AdWords Professionals. Using specialist tools we can pin point the most commonly searched and matched keywords, based around your current ones, and establish which existing keywords haven’t been performing or aren’t cost effective and should be discarded.

Adjusting the matching options across all of your keywords will enable us to target the better quality traffic and to reduce the amount of junk or ‘needless’ clicks you may be receiving. Many of our clients are using ‘broad’ matching keywords before they sign with us, which means you are bidding to appear under any search containing those keywords with any suffix or prefix and in any order. This can be very expensive and often results in a low Click through Rate (CTR), as well as a poor conversion rate.

Furthermore, as part of our AdWords package we like to add ‘negative’ keywords into your account – a keyword matching option that allows you to prevent your ad from appearing when the specific terms are a part of the user’s search. This will help to filter our some of the traffic that you may not want and will result in more qualified leads.

Our most popular pay per click service is the ongoing account management. This allows us to work on you PPC campaign to achieve continual improvement in our results. While we do have a signed agreement we don’t lock you in to a contract.

We will need to adjust the bidding across your keywords to ensure that you are not paying too much for certain positions. Google benchmark at a 2% CTR, but we aim to get all of our clients’ CTRs between 4% and 20%. Not only will this help us to reduce your Cost Per Click (CPC) but you will also receive a better Return on Investment (ROI). Your position on Google is not purely dependent upon the amount you’re willing to pay, but it is also judged by your CTR and overall history. In other words, get the CTRs up and you’ll get the stronger keywords for less money!