Established in Leicestershire for over 20 years, Exclusive Hearing offer a wide range of quality hearing aids from all leading manufacturers. It is a practice with a wealth of experience in hearing care and its independency allows it to give completely unbiased advice leading to the prescription of the most appropriate type of hearing instrument.

By partnering with leading hearing aid manufacturers such as Oticon, Widex, Unitron, Siemens, Resound and Phonak, Exclusive Hearing are able to offer a full range of hearing instruments from the world’s smallest in cosmetic appeal to the very finest in digital computerised technology.

Julie Pritchard, the pleasant and extremely knowledgable professional that created Exclusive Hearing, began her career at the age of 17, studying in the field of Physiological Measurement. Within 7 years she gained a promotion as the Head of Audiology at the Liverpool University Hospital, which provided her with the opportunity to travel the globe and work on groundbreaking research with top professionals in her industry. Although Julie feels privileged to have had this opportunity her passion has always been in working with the individual patient, using her extensive knowledge to cater for their unique requirements, leading to the birth of Exclusive Hearing.

Julie recently approached the team here at Design Office to talk about improving her business. Although Exclusive Hearing already has a website and a consistent flow of loyal customers, she was eager to expand her reach and grow her database of clientele. With an initial marketing consultation, free of charge with no obligations, Julie was able to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of her business and explain what changes she wanted to see to Exclusive Hearing’s website.

Following the consultation Design Office put together a document, outlining what improvements we could make to the website to help Julie get to where she wants her business to be. Julie was happy with the proposal and placed an order with us. From there, the project was delegated to the relevant members of the Design Office team and the project began.

“Julie approached Design Office in order to improve on her existing website. As the design team we were to create a new website that would be both simple to navigate and eye catching, ensuring that the focus of it became the new technologies used Exclusive Hearing has to offer in its products and making both the existing customers and any potential customers aware of the benefits that make Exclusive Hearing unique to its competition.

First we created some proofs to help Julie to visualise how the website could look and make sure that she was completely satisfied with the layout, the colours and the fonts. Once this had been approved it was a matter of confirming the content, both written and visual.

To avoid redesigning the whole website complete with content, imagery and navigation, for it to not meet Julie’s expectations, wasting her time, and more importantly her money, I then worked on producing a document that contained the content that would appear on each page of the website, complete with a list of images that would accompany that text and how the navigation would work on each page and where it would lead to. Including this stage in the process allowed me to efficiently put all of the content together for Julie to review, ultimately saving time and minimising amends in the design and build stages of the rest of the website.

Throughout the design process I worked closely with Julie; whether she visited the office to view her website on my screen or simply phoned the office to have a conversation with me there was always an open channel of communication between Julie and I, allowing me to make sure that she was completely satisfied with everything I did along the way and that ultimately my designs met her expectations.” – Amanda, Graphic Designer

“Following on from Amanda completing the updated design of Julie’s existing website I worked on the Web Development, implementing all of the changes that Julie desired. After reviewing the way in which the existing website was built I explained that old technologies had been used, not only making it difficult to complete any updates but also increasing the risk of Julie’s website dropping down on Google rankings due to it not being compliant with the latest Google algorithm. I advised her to allow me to create a new, more responsive website, using the most up-to-date technology that would not only save time and money when developing the site to the standard she was looking for, but would also provide Julie with the opportunity to undertake some basic training that would allow her to complete updates and make content changes herself in the future.

Julie was happy to have a completely new website built, so from there I worked on a fresh site, ensuring that all of her previous content was transferred, along with the changes she wanted to make, as well as all of the necessary additions needed to be completely Google compliant, including a cookie policy, a site search box and mobile optimisation.

In order to make the new site more interactive and engaging than the last I also built a number of image sliders, animating her business’ key messages about the latest technologies being used, the various offers available and its key products, as well as incorporating videos into the pages of the new design.

The site is now in the Design Office test area while both the team here at Design Office and Julie doubles checks every detail on the site to ensure it is all correct and works seamlessly, although it will be live very soon. However, I am still working on Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that when it does go live the Google rankings will only improve.

Julie is also planning on running an AdWords campaign with Design Office in the near future.” Tom, Web Developer

Alongside the work on the website, Julie has also been in contact with the design team about a range of other products that were discussed in the initial marketing consultation and to help her business expand and grow Design Office have also produced mailers, leaflets and shop-front signage for Exclusive Hearing.

Exclusive Hearing is just one example of where Design Office have been able to take a brand and apply it to a range of products, producing a seamless identity and ultimately a more established and attractive brand to potential customers, helping our clients to grow their clientele.

If you have a business, no matter how big or small, and you are thinking about what you can do to strengthen your brand and increase your clientele, why not arrange your own no obligation marketing consultation for some advice? Call 01270 252106 or send and email to now!