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Creating an effective marketing campaign with clear objectives will raise the awareness of your brand and ultimately deliver a return on your investment.


Conceptual Design is an early phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of function and form of your project are articulated. This is key to the project as a whole as the more in-depth and detailed the concept is makes for a better result later on in the design. We always aim to help you in the early stages of your project and by working with us at the concept stage we guarantee that your project will have creative and bespoke elements throughout.

During campaign creation, Design Office will help to identify the key aims, target audiences and style of campaigns. Following this we will select the best platforms to promote your campaign and guarantee you meet your aims and receive a return on your initial investment. Our team are experts in creating campaigns across multiple platforms, from Brochures and Flyers to Signage and Social Media posts.

Upon completion of your campaign, Design Office also offer the option of creating you a case study, this will give you an overview of the campaign, include key statistics and feedback on how the campaign went.

Click the link below to read our Lumen Campaign case study:



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