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Stand out and be seen with an eye catching prospectus and make that early connection with students and parents.


Our Unique Approach:

Design Office are experts in prospectus design and print. For over 27 years we have worked with Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, College’s, UTC’s and Universities to deliver high quality prospectuses, aimed at showcasing each organisations key selling points and unique ethos.  

There isn’t much that we don’t know about school prospectus design and print, why not partner with us for your next project? 

Prospectus Design:  

When creating any prospectus, we understand the importance of capturing each school, college or uni’s, unique selling points and what makes them stand out from the rest. As part of this process, upon initial enquiry we will look to arrange an introductory meeting to discuss your requirements and get to know your organisation.  

Following on from initial consultation, our talented design team will start work on creating a concept for your prospectus and create an initial design proof for discussion with the client. Usually when sharing our initial design, we prefer to present in person or via online video, allowing us to effectively explain the concept behind our designs and easily exchange feedback.  

The design final stage will include final amends and proofing the finalised design to the client ensuring it is now perfect for print!  

School Prospectus Photography:   

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’  do not compromise on school prospectus photography! 

High quality photos will make the difference between capturing prospective parents and pupils or completely missing the mark. When selecting photos to use in a prospectus design, we always look for photo’s that essentially capture the essence of what the individual school, college or university is trying to project. Images must be pin sharp and self-explanatory allowing you to showcase your school just through the photos and prompting your audience to read on and hopefully get in touch! 

Book Design Office for your School Prospectus photography! We are available for shoots across the UK and will provide you with a wealth of high quality, strategic images that can not only be used in your prospectus but on your website, social media, signage and much more! 

Learn more about our School Photography

Prospectus Printing: 

An in house, state-of-the-art production facility with cutting edge technology and highly trained, passionate people, allows Design Office to deliver the best quality prospectus printing in the UK. Managing the complete process in house from prospectus design to print, ensures superior quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing leading to maximum customer satisfaction.  

Trust Design Office to deliver your next prospectus design and prospectus printing project!  


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