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Enhance your website with our tailored range of SEO packages. Suitable for all budgets, ensure your business is number one on Google and get the upper hand on your competition!


What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Designing and building your WordPress website is just the beginning of its journey. For those who want their Website to deliver results and rank highly on the search engines we recommend investing in a monthly Search Engine Optimisation Package, SEO for short.

This investment allows us to focus on aligning the website to the latest Google Algorithm launches while also making sure the site loads quickly and runs in line with web best practice. Our 27 years experience in digital marketing allows us to confidently handle any SEO campaign and deliver excellent return on investment.

Our Packages Include:

  • Improving on page content to align to SEO best practices.
  • Meta Descriptions will be changed to best align with key search terms.
  • Relevant images will be added throughout your content making the user experience more friendly, whilst still being optimised for speed.
  • Site Speed and Performance improvements will be made.
  • Long form blog content will be written to improve search rankings for key terms.
  • The site’s backlink profile will be regularly assessed to ensure that any harmful links are either deleted or added into the site disavow file.
  • Site plugins will be regularly updated to ensure the site is running at optimum capacity.

Why Your Business Needs SEO:

  1. SEO helps to provide a better user experience
  2. Excellent tool for lead generation
  3. SEO is a better conversion tool compared to traditional methods
  4. Helps to improve your brand/business credibility
  5. SEO helps establish brand awareness
  6. Ensures your website is mobile friendly
  7. SEO can be a long term marketing strategy
  8. Improved market share
  9. SEO will increase your followers on social media
  10. Improved website speed leading to a better user experience
  11. Gets you ahead of your competition

Let Design Office Improve Your SEO & Overall Digital Marketing Presence!

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