Here at Design Office we sell ourselves as a one-stop shop; our logo encloses the strapline ‘total marketing under one roof’. Our new A-list marketing campaign boasts that Design Office offer a world of benefits and savings across a range of services including Creative Design, Web, Signage, Fleet Media and Photography. Our website talks about the different sectors we work in, all completed in-house, under the same roof and our portfolio displays work that we have not only designed, but manufactured and produced and sometimes even fitted ourselves. Yet naturally, we still come into contact with clients that wonder what exactly it means to be a ‘one-stop shop’ and can our team here at Design Office truly satisfy all of their needs? The answer is yes, and this blog post is just one day, Thursday 11th February 2016 to be exact, of our lives here at Design Office, that will give you just a glimpse of what we can achieve and the vast array of projects that we work on on a daily basis!

Thursday 11th February 2016

5:45am – Today is an early start for our team, our sign fitter is required to fit a hanging sign and window graphics for one of our most recent clients – in Leicester, before rush hour! Julie at Exclusive Hearing originally approached Design Office to seek a new website and some marketing advice. While her new website is up and running and Design Office not only manage the writing of her blog posts and her social media accounts, but are about to set up and manage her AdWords campaign as well, we have also created a range of adverts to be published in newspapers and magazines in the Crewe & Nantwich and Leicester areas, as well as a stunning new signage suite for her main office. Julie even scored a fabulous deal on the fitting of her signs as we are offering a half price service throughout February! Josh, our sign fitter, could not complete the job alone on this occasion due to the angle his ladder needed to be at combined with the weight of the sign, so as we are a team we collectively decided who would be the best person to accompany him – our fantastic new printer, Marian. In the meantime, the rest of the team were admittedly still asleep…

7:30am – The doors may not open to our customers for another hour but it doesn’t mean they don’t open for us! For Kev, our Managing Director the day begins now; when the staff arrive at half past 8 they need to know what the day ahead of them looks like so it important that Kev’s first job of the day is to write the schedules for the rest of the team.
8:15am – Stephanie, Design Office’s Marketing department, and Michael, our Production Manager, arrive at the office and sit down with the Kev for a brief meeting about the day to come. Michael gives an update on the print and finishing jobs that are scheduled for completion today and Stephanie gives an update on quotes, general client correspondence and an overview of Design Office’s marketing progress.

8:30am – The office suddenly fills up as the rest of the team filter in and begin their first job of the day. Tom, Design Office’s web developer, gets to work on migrating a new website for Willaston Primary School to live status, Amanda, our Graphic Designer, begins work on some colour adjustments for Exclusive Hearing’s suite of adverts and our Creative Director, Andy, delivered his latest proof of a press advert he has been working on for Toshiba, complete with original graphics copy and a catchy headline! Orders from yesterday’s meetings are already flowing in and our director, Jill, is busy processing the jobs ready for our designers to get to work; in between breaking up playful fights between Diesel and Fudge, the office dogs, of course (they’re always lively first thing in the morning!). Claire, our Customer Services Manager, gives everyone a helping hand with their jobs in the form of coffee as she makes the first brew of the day.


9:30am – Kev and Stephanie host a marketing meeting with valued clients from the Recycling UK group, which includes talking about website improvements, SEO, AdWords, social media managements and updating the designs of their email footers. Meanwhile in the production room, Michael is busy cutting 50,000 mailing cards on our Morgana Guillotine for one of our biggest franchises, Maid2Clean, while Claire packs and prepares them for distribution to the client. In the studio the team seem to have their sales hats on; Amanda has a meeting of her own with one of our clients, Ken McKinnon at K9 Dog Wash, to take a design brief for a press advert that needs completing by tomorrow and wins the order. Jill is quick to take the information from Amanda and process the job ready to be scheduled as the first job tomorrow. Once completed, Jill takes a break and makes the second brew of the day. At the same time, Tom is busy on the phone to our regular clients Sandbach High School and Swanley Brokerage, winning a request for the setup and implementation of a new blog and interactive PDFs.

11:00am – Neil and Rick from Recycling UK leave the office (not before making a fuss of the dogs, of course). As they missed the second brew, Stephanie makes herself and Kev a drink before sitting down for a brief review of the meeting that they have just had and the action that needs to be taken to give the forthcoming projects some momentum. Josh and Marian arrive back at the office after completing the fitting of Exclusive Hearing’s signage and begin work on their next jobs. Marian starts a single colour letterhead print job on our 5 colour litho press, for All Trades in Bolton and Josh starts printing full colour graphics for Alsager School on our Seiko Large Format Press. Meanwhile, Andy works on copywriting for our neighbour’s and one of our client’s website, Ceramic Tiles & Bathrooms.

Ceramic Tiles

12:00noon – Design Office gets a walk-in client meaning Kev has to take a meeting with no preparation, and no lunch! Meanwhile, Stephanie is busy on the phone talking to a number of signage manufacturers in a bid to try and get a quote for a finger post directional sign for one of our regular clients who is also a governor at a school. After a lot of unsuccessful correspondence she finally gets a reasonable quote from a manufacturer in Basingstoke, runs it through our management information system and sends it to the client. Claire is also on the phone, obtaining prices for pre-cut di-bond that Design Office can print on to product replacement ‘Welcome to Crewe’ signs for Crewe Town Council. Michael collates and glues 100 A3 pads, that’s 10,000 sheets in total, for Ryman the Stationers and their campaign in partnership with Sport Relief and packs them ready for delivery to their location in Oxford. Josh and Marian are finishing their jobs and preparing to go home for the afternoon – they have been at work since 6am so it’s only fair!

13:15pm – Tom, Michael and Stephanie step out of the office for a much needed break and quick bite to eat, while Andy waits in the office for a client he has made a 13:00 appointment with. Unfortunately they called in to say they couldn’t make it, so Andy took a late lunch at around 13:45. Meanwhile, Kev works through his emails and inputs new enquiries collated by Jill into our management information system, outputting quotes to send to clients. Amanda is up to date with her design work for external clients so spends some time improving the Design Office website by producing high quality images for the portfolio.

Desk Pads

14:00pm – In the studio Tom works on a website for Dairy Veterinary Consultancy, a client based in Nantwich, while Andy has correspondence with his contact at Partners for Endoscopy (PFE) regarding an exhibition stand that they need for an event in Liverpool in June that Design Office will be providing the graphics for. Amanda is still working on imagery for the Design Office website. At the same time, the production room are also busy working on the marketing campaign for Design Office, collating and glueing stacks of branded desk pads for Stephanie to send out to both existing and potential clients. As soon as it gets to half past 2 Tom treats the office to their third and final brew of the day.

16:00pm – Claire leaves for the day and Michael turns off all the machinery in the production room as his last job of the day involves sitting in the studio to complete and send some workwear proofs to Alpha Omega and go through the images that Amanda has been working on for the Design Office website. Stephanie completes the writing up of the minutes from her morning meeting and inputs a number of jobs from two meetings she sat in yesterday, before processing the job and generating job bags ready for the work to be scheduled tomorrow. A last minute order comes in from Win Win, a company looking for a large format poster to be printed and laminated ready for a collection first thing tomorrow morning – a tight deadline but of course not a problem for our team!

– A prompt order comes back from the quote that was generated by Tom earlier in the day for the set up of a blog for Sandbach High School and Stephanie just about had time to squeeze in the processing of this job, ready for this to also be worked on tomorrow.

17:00pm – The Design Office doors closed to the outside world but of course the work did not stop. Andy continued to work on updating some logo designs for one of our high profile clients, Rowlinson Packaging. Amanda closed down her computer and got changed, ready to go straight from work to a new ‘Cave Fit’ class, we hope you’re not aching too much tomorrow Amanda! Both of the dogs are flat out and ready to go home – it must be really tiring being cute and entertaining all day!

18:00pm – Andy finally finishes his jobs, closes down his computer and locks up the office – at last the end of a day in the life of the Design Office team!

The Day’s Orders:
Website Improvements
Blog Setup
AdWords Campaign
Logo Design
Training Forms
Delivery Note Forms

So there you go, a hectic, 12 hour day for the Design Office team, that we actually consider to be quite a smooth day in the office!

We hope from this post you can see that we are eager, and more importantly competent enough, to help with your project, no matter where you are, what service you require, how big or small the project is and how tight your deadline is. Why not arrange a no obligation consultation with our Marketing team now! Call 01270 252106 or send an email to We’re waiting!