DPF Flash Cleaning is a sister company to Advantage Vehicles Ltd, a used car company situated near the centre of Crewe. Simon and Toni Bebbington, the husband and wife that run the company, have seen a problem arising with the DPF filters fitted in cars during recent years; very often the filters become blocked with carbon, due to being used for short journeys, or becoming full due to wear and tear.

While these can be replaced, a genuine part can cost in excess of £1000, which is where DPF Flash Cleaning comes in. As opposed to replacing blocked DPF filters, DPF Flash Cleaning offer a unique cleaning service during which the filter is placed in a Flash Cleaner Machine and high water forces are used to break down deposits and wash oil way, recovering up to 98% of the original efficiency of the DPF filter.

Simon and Toni developed a business with a fantastic USP, so it was only fitting that they had a creative brand and identity to be the face of it. And of course, this was done by our talented creative team here at Design Office.

As you well know, we are a one-stop shop here at Design Office, so to begin the partnership our M.D. had a meeting with Simon and Toni to discuss their new business and outline the various ways in which we could help: an identity, stationery, signage, vehicle livery, website, the list is endless! They both seemed very much interested in developing a relationship with us here at Design Office and took the plunge, placing an order on a Start Up Business Branding Pack, to include Logo Designs, complete with straplines, colours and fonts, and examples of Letterheads, Compliment Slips and Marketing Pads; Social Media Set Up and Implementation for Facebook and Twitter; a Website and Exterior Signage.

Stage One: The Identity

Following on from the initial meeting with Simon and Toni, the team here at Design Office had detailed information about the manufacturer and the Flash Cleaning Machine that they had bought and would use to run their business, which was a great starting point for our Creative Designer in terms of research. This information formed a great foundation for the branding project, giving a good insight as to what the machine does and therefore painted a good picture of what the style of the identity should be.

From there our Creative Designer looked at companies in other countries that offer the same service (as DPF Flash Cleaning are currently the only company in the UK that offer this service) to take inspiration from their branding, looking at what works well and what should be avoided in the designs.

Taking all of the research collected our Creative Designer then began to work on a number of logos, exploring different styles of logo marks and fonts. Although some different colours were introduced into some of the logos to offer an alternative at the point of presentation, Simon and Toni had already decided that they wanted their brand to visually reflect the machine they would be using – a machine they had bought in green. Thinking about different themes linked with the DPF filter, our designer included logos that featured a horse, with the strapline ‘put the horsepower back into your vehicle’ and an eagle, with the strapline ‘taking flight with a cleaner vehicle filter’, but after presenting an array of diverse logos our clients were immediately drawn to a bold, statement logo, that featured the bright green colour, complimented by the infusion of black and white, using clean, bold lettering for ‘DPF Flash Cleaning’, finished with the strapline ‘Don’t replace it, clean it’, letting the logo speak for itself.

DPF Flash Cleaning Logo

Stage Two: The Website

Our clients were more than happy with the logos they were presented with and chose to move forward with the one above, so the next stage was to use this identity to begin creative work on the website.

To begin with, a crisp design for the homepage was created using the colours in the new identity, including sliders with striking photography and bold graphic elements to reflect the brand and simple, eye-catching links to encourage the user to explore DPF Flash Cleaning in more detail. Of course, the design also incorporated the standard website compliancies: a site search box, a cookie policy and a mobile optimised design.

WEbsite Design for DPF Flash Cleaning

Once signed off, our talented team then began work on the remaining pages and the content soon came together on our test site. After thorough checks from our team to ensure that the website had been designed to truly reflect the business, offered a seamless service to the user and was running efficiently, our clients were more than happy to set the website live – the whole process was completed in approximately 5 working days!

Alongside the design and build of the website our team was also busy working on social media profiles for DPF Flash Cleaning, creating Facebook and Twitter pages with branded cover photos and profile pictures, company information and introductory posts to create social media presence for them to link with their website.

Stage Three: The Vehicle Livery

The most recent stage of the brand development that Design Office has just completed work on was a fantastic vehicle wrap for their brand new Citroen Dispatch.

To look consistent with the brand, the website and the social media, the green, black and white colour palette was originally applied to a white template, to include the logo and strapline, the main services and contact details for the company. However, when discussing the design with our clients we advised that a silver or black van might work better with the design and their company identity and the design was eventually amended to work on a black Citroen Dispatch. This meant that as opposed to vinyl lettering we were able to complete a partial wrap around the back half of the van to create a more striking design that would perfectly fit into the brand.

Van Design for DPF Flash Cleaning

Simon and Toni came in to view the wide range of colours our vinyl is available in and personally chose the green that they wanted to use. After the final design had been signed off by the client, we booked a fitting date for the vehicle and made the necessary orders to ensure that we had everything we needed to complete the vehicle wrap.

On Wednesday of this week, two member of the Design Office team spent the day fitting the vehicle graphics onto the van, first wrapping the back half with a vibrant green vinyl to create a solid green and black base, to then individually apply a range of vinyl graphics and letters to bring the final design to life.

Completed Vehicle Warp for DPF Flash Cleaning

Once again our clients walked away from Design Office with big smiles on their faces as we had delivered on another fantastic product for them, and in the near future we will be looking to continue our partnership by working on exterior signage for the actual building, situated behind Advantage Vehicles Ltd., on the Crewe Arms Roundabout on Nantwich Road, Crewe.

Our partnership with DPF Flash Cleaning is a great example of how Design Office are unique in our ability to offer a true one-stop shop. From branding and stationery to websites and signage we can assist you in developing a maintaining a consistent brand across the board.

If you’re a start-up business and you are interested in partnering up with Design Office, or maybe you’re an established business but you would like to have all of your suppliers under one roof, why not arrange a no obligation marketing consultation with a member of our team? Call 01270 252106 or send an email to marketing@designoffice.co.uk now!