Is your online presence Boardroom ready?

As the 15th season of The Apprentice 2019 has just begun, have the new candidates inspired you to reflect on your own business/online presence?

It is one thing to have an abundance of business savvy ideas, however, if this is not reflected in the form of an online presence, could this be detrimental for you and your business?
Below includes some of the reasons that an online presence will be beneficial:


An online presence will not only make you more visible for potential consumers, but will also allow you to develop an established relationship with them. Being visible online will not only help consumers find your business easily, but also allows more people to reach your website if it is easily accessible. This is significant as business strategies are now going beyond the desire for high profit margins and revenue, as 60% of small businesses now see the importance of developing new relationships with customers, which in today’s society more often than not begins online.

Communicate with customers:

Moreover, having a strong online presence will also help you communicate what you have to offer to the consumer, allowing your products and/or services to be shared across many, if not all, social media platforms. A great place to start is through a professional website and established media channels such as Instagram and Linkdln, which allow you to interact and build relationships with customers via comments and likes. Retaining customers will also help sustain long term sales and improve profit margins, so effective communication is vital.

Stronger brand:

Having a unique online presence will help distinguish your business in the mind of the consumer from your potential competitors. With the bold and bright fashion shown by this years competitors on The Apprentice defining their own personal brand, having an equally bold, bright and creative website may be they key for helping you achieve a strong, credible brand. With 48% of people viewing a websites design as the number one factor in deciding whether or not the business is credible, it is highly important to have an efficient and easily accessible websites that performs the functions that consumer’s will need.
Would Lord Sugar invest 250k in your business based off of your websites functionality and design?
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Despite the importance of a business presence, have you considered your own online presence?

With the personalities of the contestants being a huge factor in helping them become successful throughout the show, exposing your personality through social media will help employers to see if your character will fit with their business culture and help them judge if you are suitable for the job.
It is no surprise that every contestant this series has an Instagram and Twitter profile, making themselves known to the world before even appearing on the business-reality show, but how important are social media profiles to your work life?

According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 47% of employers will not progress a candidate to the interview stage if they do not have an online presence – you wouldn’t want to get yourself fired before you have stepped foot in the boardroom would you?
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