There are so many ways to market your business – social media and SEO, content and context, email and advertising – it’s easy to get them confused. The solution to this problem? Integrate them!

Integration of numerous different components of a marketing strategy has become paramount in today’s digital age due to technological advances and the effect they have had on businesses and how they interact with both their clients and each other. Here at Design Office we have a full understanding of the importance of integrated marketing and offer this as just one of our many services.

Integrated Marketing at Design Office

Here at Design Office we practice what we preach by maintaining a fully integrated marketing campaign of our own, in the form of our A-list. I’m sure you must have heard about our campaign by now as we are always shouting about it, but it is a prime example of our understanding for integrated marketing – not only does our campaign feature on our website but it features on our social media profiles, it is printed on our marketing note pads and desk pads, it forms the basis of our 2016 desk calendar and our monthly e-shot and is even printed directly to our windows and company van!

Lambert Leonard and May

But enough about us! Not only do we maintain our own integrated marketing campaign, we maintain a very similar service for one of our most valued customers, Lambert Leonard and May. Established in 1999, Lambert Leonard and May are one of the largest farm-only veterinary practices in the UK, based on the outskirts of Whitchurch, Shropshire. They are the leaders in their field of dairy veterinary services and their team of enthusiastic vets has extensive experience working exclusively for farmers.

Design Office have been consistently producing a printed newsletter for LLM for a number of years, but a more recent decision saw the implementation of an integrated marketing campaign. Around 6-8 months ago members of the Design Office team sat down for a marketing consultation with our clients at LLM and as a partnership decided that the next stage for LLM to grow their business and stay one step ahead of the direction that design and marketing is heading in would be to develop a fully integrated marketing campaign that would take the printed newsletter as the foundation, but on top of this develop a series of blog posts and a digital newsletter in the form of an e-shot that would be sent to a database of 500+ clients.

As part of the new development, Design Office and LLM devised a series of timescales and deadlines that both parties agreed that they would consistently stick to, allowing the team at Design Office to complete and distribute each element of the marketing campaign on a specific date every month, ensuring that LLMs valued customers would receive a seamless experience every single time.

How it Works

At the end of every month LLM will collate the stories that they want to include in next month’s newsletter and send them over to Design Office, ready to be flowed into the newsletter template, along with pre-selected images. From there, our designers simply take the template for the newsletter, a design that Design Office originally created and now use as the basis of each newsletter to ensure consistency, and flow in the supplied images and copy, checking all spelling and grammar along the way. The finer attention to detail then comes in the sizing and spacing of the information to ensure that the content supplied fits comfortably across a number of pages divisible by 4, for when our printers later print the booklet as A4, folded into A5, double sided spreads. In addition, the job is printed as a single colour, black and white booklet, meaning that our designers also have to convert all images into greyscale images before they are placed into the newsletter.


A PDF proof is sent back to our clients for one last look. Once approved, the files are sent to be plated, ready to be printed onto 100gsm Uncoated Stock through our 5-Colour Litho Printing Press. Almost 1,500 sheets are printed in order to make the 560 booklets that LLM order every month. Once printed, the sheets are cut on our Morgana Guillotine and the pages are put through our collation unit. Once the pages have been collated they are folded, stapled and finally trimmed and packed, ready to be delivered by a member of our team.

The whole process from the second LLM provide the content to the time that the finished booklets are dropped on their desks takes only 5 days; the content for the most recent newsletter was provided on Monday 29th February and on his way home on Friday 4th March a member of our team delivered the finished newsletters.

From there, our Web Developer then takes the same content and posts blog posts onto their website for each of the stories provided. The newsletter is also converted into a digital design and finally coded into a template on MailChimp and sent as an e-shot to LLM’s database of over 500 contacts. Again this process, from start to finish, has an extremely quick turnaround and takes just 1-2 days to complete; the blog posts were uploaded for this month on Tuesday 8th March and the e-shot was sent on Wednesday 9th March.


The Benefits of Integrated Marketing

If you still need some convincing about the benefits of integrated marketing campaigns, here are 3 reasons why you need one:

1. It is cross-channel

Integrated marketing strategies take advantage of a combination of communication tools and media to spread the message. By combining tools you can ensure that a maximum portion of your audience is reached and leverage the tools in ways that are most effective for you. Integrated marketing draws on the power of traditional advertising and public relations efforts, as well as the use of new online communication tools such as social media.

2. It is customer focused

Successful marketing strategies start and end with customers. Making customers a top priority is well known but rarely executed because most marketing budgets are focused on obtaining new customers not keeping old ones. While acquiring new buyers will add growth opportunity, most of the money that contributes to your company’s longevity comes from your loyal customers that return again and again; marketing to established customers will cost less and generate more revenue. These customers are the ones that know and trust your business and do not need the hard sell before they will give you an order. Therefore, you should design your primary marketing strategy around them. Find out how and where they want to connect with you and make it easy for them to do so. Then, make it even easier for them to promote your business by offering content and discounts for them to share with their contacts.

3. It has check and balances

Each channel has its own strengths and weaknesses. By leveraging the strengths of one to offset another’s weakness, effectiveness improves and costs are reduced. Social media is great for engaging audiences and will even help with your customer service, but it will not reach new prospects. Being top-ranked because of your SEO will result in a lot of traffic to your website, but it won’t bring back the one-time visitors like a well-timed email campaign. As soon as you determine the best way to provide the marketing and service your customers expect, you can use the channels that are most effective, maximising your return on investment and driving increased sales.

Here at Design Office we have the skills, competency and creativity to not only advise and support you and your marketing solutions, but we can develop and maintain high quality integrated marketing campaigns that not only maximises the portion of your audience that you reach, but also incorporates consistent brand management and control.

If you are interested in starting an integrated marketing campaign for your business or you would like more information, why not arrange a no obligation consultation with our marketing team? To book your appointment now, call 01270 252106 or send an email to