How Design Office Can Design and Build You A Beautiful Website!

At Design Office we are passionate about building beautiful and effective websites. With over 10 years experience and over 200 sites built we know exactly what makes a great website but also what makes a bad one! We have built such a broad range of sites from E-commerce sites to specialist Web Portals for uploading sensitive data.

Below is the process that we follow when Designing and Building sites this process allows for the best customer experience and end product.

Client Consultation

This is the first stage of the process and arguably the most important. This is when we discuss concepts, ideas, requirements and find out exactly what the customer needs. During the consultation, we will access your current website analytics to determine what the flow of your new website should be.


Shortly after the consultation, we would generate a website proposal that outlines all of the key features of your new site, our suggested site map based on your analytics, the costs and time scales involved. Based on our market research we will also outline any extra features that you might not have thought of to further enhance your visitors’ experience. A few examples of key features that we like to implement in sites are 3D Virtual Tours, Live chat service and Corporate Videos.


Once the proposal is signed off our talented design team get to work bringing all of the ideas to life. Pushing the boundaries of modern website trends our designers will create a concept that adheres to brand guidelines and leads the way within your sector.


Now you have an amazing design that you love, our developers start to work building your website using the latest code and frameworks to ensure maximum longevity and compliance with the algorithms. Our expertise in web are derived from having separate design and development departments. Each department is fully focused on its single purpose which gives our customers the best experience and end product.

Launch and Training

Now your website has been built and tested thoroughly its time to launch it to the world. Our developers take care of hosting the website on our specifically optimised servers, ensuring there are no issues during this process. Your account manager will run through our custom training document allowing you to manage your website wholly if required. We use WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world, ensuring your website is simple to administer.

After Care

Once your website has gone live we do not stop there. Our market leading support will get you an answer to any problem within seconds, using one of our specialist support devices that come FREE with every website we build. Not only do you get this excellent support service, but we also meet regularly with our customers to discuss the analytics, any improvements that may be needed, to alert you if there has been a major algorithm change and to give our specialist marketing advice.


Now you know the care and attention that goes into building just one of our websites, why not start the process yourself with a free client consultation.