Farewell and good luck to Bernadeta

This summer I am graduating my Marketing Management Studies at Dania University of Applied Science, so just as other students, I had to find a company for my internship. Luckily I found a marketing company Design Office, which is based in England, Crewe city. My internship period started from the 22nd of January, and today – 20th of April, is my internship last day.

Since I moved to England my usual routine has changed a lot. I was still living on campus with flatmates, but just in a new country and with new people. However, I couldn’t wait to start my internship.

My first day at Design Office was very exciting. I was introduced to the office team and adorable office dogs. Everyone was very nice, friendly and helpful to me and I was lucky to be surrounded by such positive people.

At the very beginning, my main task was to read and make notes about the company. I had to understand where am I and what exactly Design Office does. With the time my tasks were getting more serious, like making competitor analysis and writing blog posts. Every single day at Design Office was different.

Just like every year, on 18th and 19th this April, The Northern Business Exhibition was going in Manchester and this year, Design Office participated there for the first time. I am very happy and thankful for Design Office of giving me an opportunity to help in the preparation process and participate at the event. This was a huge and amazing experience for us.

After three months of being an intern at Design Office, I could say that all this experience is life changing. Not only I increased my knowledge about marketing, but I also experienced real office life, met new people and three gorgeous dogs. I want to say big Thank You for Kevin and every team member for being patient and helpful, for every cup of tea and for making me feel like one of the team members. I would absolutely recommend Design Office for all marketing students to get a high quality experience!