I completed one week of work experience at Design Office in January 2019. During my week I have enjoyed carrying out set tasks assigned to me by Kevin. These included logo design, social media advertisements and signage design. This was very different from my current studies at the University of Salford.

During each task, I learnt the correct way to approach a project. This started with research and it showed me just how important this part of the process is. Without enough research, my designs had no structure and I had no vision for my outcome prior to designing. My week was spent doing digital work for both print and web. This gave a variance within the projects I was set.

This experience has given me a great insight into how a busy design office works on a day to day basis. I have been particularly surprised about the tight deadlines and times the office has to work to. This is with both digital and print projects. However, this has taught me a lot about working under pressure and meeting customer expectations. With regards to customer expectations, I also believe I understand thinking about what the client would want, over what I believe looks best, a lot more from this experience.

All of the staff were very helpful throughout my week experience and answered any questions when I needed help or guidance. Everyone – including Diesel, Fudge and Ted (the amazing office dogs) – have been very kind and I really appreciate the way they allowed me to feel part of the team.

I believe I was challenged to step outside my comfort zone and think about all aspects of design, for example; the functionality, how it would print, and how consumers would perceive it if they were to see it in real life.

Overall, my week has been very insightful, challenging and valuable. I cannot thank the team at Design Office enough, this week has taught me a lot and I am very grateful.
-Megan Harvey